Santa Fe City invites you to discover a historical city that has the privilege of being the Birthplace of the National Constitution. This is a city with the river laying down its feet, where the nature and theurban life are interlaced. A modern city, which hasrenewed its parks and its architectural heritage.
A city of knowledge with Universities and great Institutes for Research. A city with a cultural baggage, gastronomy of excellence and a passionfor sports that you can breathe to every step.
Santa Fe is in the east centre of Argentina, in theheart of the Region of Litoral. The confluence of therivers brings to the city a subtropical climate and rich landscapes, where the urban growth and the tranquility of the islands coexist. As the capital city of the province, it reunites the political and
governmental movements of the region and a strong institutional activity.

How to get there
Santa Fe City has an important road network that communicates you with other provinces and
bordering countries.
By car. A wide network of national and provincial roads connecting Santa Fe City with other national and international cities.
By bus. Different companies of intercity transport will take you to Santa Fe, arriving to Gral. Manuel Belgrano Bus Station.
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By plane. Islas Malvinas Airport is in Sauce Viejo, located 17 km southwest of Santa Fe City. Receives flights from Aerolíneas Argentina and SOL Airlines, from Capital Federal. More information:
By boat. The river access is given by the Santa Fe’s Port. This is important to mention, as it is a path for ships and private vessels through its access channel.

Santa Fe has a hotel capacity that is constantly growing and offers a wide range for all needs and
preferences that tourists may have. From 4 stars Hotels, to Hotel Boutique, Hostel, Apart hotel,
Bungalow and Cottages complex or Camping and Recreational Complex -10 minutes from downtown- with all the facilities and comfort for the family.

More information
Asociación Empresaria Hotelera Gastronómica Santa Fe: –
CET – Santa Fe (Cámara de Empresarios Turísticos Región Santa Fe)

The alfajor, freshwater fish and beer make Santa Fe: The Capital of Taste
In Santa Fe there is a wide variety of food produced in the region; coupled with the quality and diversity of the dishes that European immigrants brought and the indigenous cultures. This feature, makes eating and drinking, a reason for meeting and
Because of the excellence of their menus, the unmistakable flavor of the beer and the friendly people makes Santa Fe City a really nice destination to visit.

Asociación Civil Somos Cerveceros


Espacio Turístico Cultural
3530, República de Siria St.


Feria del Sol y de la Luna
Pueyrredón Square: Gálvez Bv. And Sarmiento St.
(Satudays and Sundays)

3100, Santiago del Estero st.

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Boca del Tigre.
J.J. Paso 3500
Tel: (+54) 0342 – 4571862

Estación Belgrano
Bv. Gálvez 1150
Tel: (+54) 0342 - 4574121 / 23

Estación Terminal de Omnibus
Belgrano 2910
Tel: (+54) 0342 - 4574124 / 28

Mercado Norte
Santiago del Estero 3100
Tel: (+54) 0342 – 4566728

2020, San Martín 2020
(frente al Teatro Municipal 1º de Mayo)


The city offers several tours that illustrate its constitutional history, cross island landscapes, walk
along the main arteries and reconstruct traditional and picturesque artistic heritage that characterizes it.

In Santa Fe is easy to entertain yourself, because the city offers:
1 Casino
1 Bingo
8 Cinemas
25 Theaters and cultural centers


Constitution’s path
“Constitution’s path” shows the inseparable relationship between Santa Fe City and the National Constitution.
It’s a walk that includes 18 sites and buildings of architectural and symbolic value, in order to
reconstruct the tracks of our constitutional tradition in the urban fabric of the city.
A proposal to recover the rich and diverse identity of Santa Fe’s people in the civic history of our country.

Boulevard Walk

A tour of the main attractions offered Boulevard Gálvez: recovered buildings, small palaces from the early twentieth century cultural and tourism proposals that provide insights into the centrality of this boulevard and its intimate relationship with the traditional neighborhood Candioti.
This walk, includes a visit to the General Manuel Belgrano Train Station, built in 1912.

Religious Art

Over four centuries of history, our city has been storing up in their churches a rich artistic heritage.
Sculptures, paintings, stained glass, murals and mosaics are a valuable heritage of Santa Fe and we
are proud of inviting you to visit it. From the Baroque to the contemporary expressions, make a tour of religious art that can be admired in the Catholic churches of the city.

Colonial Santa Fe: The same city, twice

The first city of Santa Fe was moved 80 km south from 1650 to 1660, giving rise to the current Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz. Another attempt to move the latter recorded in 1725, repeated attacks by the Indians.
This walk, invites you to discovered the history of two cities that were diagrammed like checkerboard or grid, with a large central square and the tradition of coastal cities: the square near the River.

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Tour guided:


The City Government in 2010 created the Bicycle System to be used by everyone: "Subite a la bici". Its main objectives are: the personal welfare, the environmental care and the community welfare as well. Also, this programme contributing to a better and healthier life for everyone. At the same time stimulates a "bicycle-culture" and the public awareness about the careful use of "the public". How to participate? The program is free and requirements to be met for public use of bicycles are: be 18 years, present ID and perform the signature for the loan.

The system currently has 7 endpoints:
Belgrano Station (1150, Gálvez Bv.)
Directorate of Sports City Government (5294, Almirante Brown Av.)
Prado Español (General Paz Av. and Hernandarias st.)
Guadalupe Station (Dorrego st. and Risso st.)
Mercado Norte (Santiago del Estero st. and Urquiza st.)
Palacio Municipal (2951, Salta st.)
UNL Chancellor (2750, Pellegrini Bv.).

Besides, you will be able to enjoy:

Travel along the environment of islands on board a modern catamaran or boat with locals, is always a pleasure for lovers of fishing, photography or relaxation.

More information
Boteros de Alto Verde: TEL: (0342) 4556413/ 156-319917 / 155-026656.
Catamarán Costa Litoral: Dique 1 del Puerto de Santa Fe. TE: 4564381

Shows and entertainment: free all year
At different traditional points in the city' you will find: dance, theater and circus, magic, concerts and outdoor cinema. During the weekends you can enjoy free activities and performances in venues in the city that have been recovered.
Now fully equipped with skilled staff and a large billboard of activities, environments of La Redonda, El Molino Franchino, Belgrano Station and the Marconetti Mill are spaces that should not be missed when visiting the city.

Parks with inland lakes
In the South Park and Garay Park - recently restored - you can relax in contact with nature, riding boats, use the grills located in shady areas and enjoy skating rink, playgrounds, pools with spa services and events outdoors.

Santa Fe Beer. In this guided tour you will be able to observe the process of brewing Santa Fe from its beginnings to the latest technological advances like packaged in cans. Also, the tour includes the visit to the House of Beer. You can’t miss the first Cervezoducto of Latin America and the taste of our typical liso, which is also part of the attractions of the visit. For more information: (0342) 4502234 or 0 800 888 8283

Estación Zoológica Experimental “Granja La Esmeralda”
8700, Aristóbulo del Valle Av.
T (0342) 4601042 - 4602352
Reserva Ecológica Ciudad Universitaria UNL - F. Habitat y Desarrollo
Est Coast / T. (0342) 4977430

Archaeological Park Ruins of "Santa Fe, La Vieja"
Ruta Pcial. Nro 1 Km 79 te. (03405) 493056

A Journey to the only XVI century Spanish city discovered in its pure state. Visit a recreated home
from the year 1573 and see how people lived in the first urbanized city of the Rio de La Plata.


The city offers a wide range of options to go shopping, strolling and buy typical products of the
region. A visit by one of the malls, a tour of the pedestrian San Martin or a walk through “open sky” shopping malls on the main streets of Santa Fe, are some suggested activities for visitors to the city.

02/ Shopping malls 04/ Commercial areas